Get AUZ on Ellen!

OK, let's do this! At the urging of many of my friends I think it is the time to reach out to ELLEN. Our story has been getting a lot of press and recently even some national publication, but getting Austin to meet Ellen would be the best. So, what do we need to do?? We need to blitz The Ellen Show with emails. I will provide you with all the information you need below to make that happen. You, of course, can modify and put your own twist on the message. Thank you for all your help!

Here are some bullet points about the story to help you:

  • Austin LeRette is a miracle that is 1 in 4.5 billion.Those are the odds of someone like him being born.
  • He is living his dream becoming a chef in culinary school. (How many kids can say that?)
  • He is autistic, has a crazy brittle bone disease thats left him with countless broken bones (including his back twice), and he once had his heart removed…fixed…and returned to its proper place.
  • Every day he tries to make the best of his life.
  • He has almost died twice.
  • The story is one of faith…its a love story, there is addiction and pain and everything in between.
  • The family is crazy and they will make you laugh OR cry. And she may appreciate that Teresa first thought I was gay

    TO DO:
  1. Go To the "Dear Ellen" website here: be-on-the-show/10/
  2. Tell Ellen in your own words how The Unbreakable Boy made you FEEL
  3. When it asks for the website use this link:
  4. Where it asks you to "upload" an image, use the one of Austin provided here: (Simply right click and select "Save Image As...")

This will not happen unless YOU make it so. You guys will make this happen.
I need your help. Thank you.
Now lets do it!!!